Lab Buzz

Fall 2021

  • I can’t wait to not be teaching by zoom.

Summer 2021

  • Official launch of my new web page!
  • Excited to note that I am part of a paper coming out in Science on diagenesis in the Murray formation, Gale crater.
  • Excited to report that I have been elected a Fellow of the Geological Society (London), geology’s oldest dedicated learned society.
  • After surviving the pandemic unscathed and recovering from vaccinations for SARS CoV-2, we are all returning to the office and lab. While we are not yet back to full throttle, all labs are open. See here for COVID-19 information at UTK:

Spring 2021

  • Lab alum, Latisha Brengman has published a cool article on silicon isotopes from the Buhwa Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe, using my old PhD samples!

  • Brengman, L.A., Fedo, C.M., Whitehouse, M.J., Jabeen, I., and Banerjee, N.R., 2021, Evaluating the geochemistry and paired silicon and oxygen isotope record of quartz in siliceous rocks from the ~3 Ga Buhwa Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe, a critical link to deciphering the Archean silica cycle: Chemical Geology.
  • Congratulations to Jason Muhlbauer on a successful defense PhD defense, and publication of an excellent paper in Journal of Sedimentary Research on the Wood Canyon Formation braid delta complex!
  • Muhlbauer, J.G., and Fedo, C.M., 2020, Architecture of a fluvial dominated, wave- and tidal-influenced, pre-vegetation braid delta: Cambrian middle member of the Wood Canyon Formation, southern Marble Mountains, California, USA: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 90, p. 1011-1036.
  • Welcome to Constance Cooper, Morgan Lewis, and Cat Trewhella, all of whom have joined my group during the 20-21 academic year!