Equipment & Facilities

My research laboratory space is in Strong Hall, which was opened in 2017. My lab has five dedicated spaces for different types of work, including a microscopy room, an area for wet chemistry and sample processing, an area for field sample sorting, an area for sample archiving, and an area for reading, map work, computer use, and discussion. We have all the necessary equipment for the preparation and study of geologic samples. Major equipment in the laboratory includes a Nikon LV100D POL polarizing petrographic microscope with long working distance objectives (2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x) coupled to a Q-Imaging digital imaging system, a set of DIC bright field objectives for Nomarski imaging, Nikon SMZ-800 stereo zoom microscope, Allied Products Techcut4 low speed saw, Buehler Minimet 1000 polisher, Ro-Tap sieve shaker and dry sieve set, six foot fume hood, drying oven, balance, pH meter, teflon mount rings and epoxy for making ion- and micro-probe mounts, vials, glassware, and crucibles. We also have shared access to a luminoscope with spectroscopy system.

For field work, my group has access to Garmin InReach GPS units with satellite connection for texting, compasses, a ruggedized tablet, Jacob staffs, and hand lenses. We also have a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Pix4D and Agisoft Metshape software packages for photogrammetry.

Aside from the major equipment listed under the Research tab on the Department web page, the department also has full sample preparation facilities including a number of high-speed diamond-blade saws, Bico jaw crusher, Bico disc mill, and a Spex shatterbox. We also have a laboratory for mineral separation that includes a fume hood for heavy liquids and a water table.

Dedicated lab space for incident light and transmitted light microscopy. Everything needed for thin section petrography, hand sample study, and mineral picking is present.
Area for wet chemical procedures including fume hood, glassware, drying oven, and hot plate.
Circular mount preparation equipment including low speed saw, polisher, and vacuum impregnator.
Area for sorting field samples and gear. This area also has a RoTap shaker and sieves for grain size analysis.